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Are you the patient? *

Best method to contact?

* In order to protect your personal health information, if we call you and someone else answers the phone, or the call goes to your voicemail, we will not identify ourselves as calling from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, unless you give us permission in advance to do that.

Are you Is the patient at least 18 years old? *

Are you Is the patient able to travel to Buffalo, New York, every week until treatment is completed? *

Which campus would you  the patient prefer to be treated at? *

Do you Does the patient have active cancer? *

Do you Does the patient have advanced non-small cell lung cancer (stage IIIB or IV) or head and neck cancer? *

Has your Has the patient's cancer spread to the lymph nodes or other organs? *

Do you Does the patient have HIV? *

Are you Is the patient on steroids? *

Have you Has the patient had a heart attack or stroke in the last six months? *

Do you Does the patient have any autoimmune diseases? *

Are you Is the patient up and active more than 50% of the time and able to take care of yourselfthemselves? *

Have you Has the patient had molecular testing done (egfr, ALK or PD-L1 expression)? *

Have you Has the patient ever had a vaccination as an adult? *

Are you Is the patient between the ages of 50 and 70? *

Have you Has the patient ever been diagnosed with cancer? *

Was your cancer  Was the patient's cancer diagnosed between stages 1A and 3A? *

If you If the patient had surgery and completed chemotherapy for your the patient's past diagnosis, was it more than three months ago? *

Are you Is the patient a current smoker, or have you  has the patient smoked within the past fifteen years? *

Please note: Your answers for this question are simply used for research purposes and will not be a factor in your eligibility.