Pancreatic Cancer Risk Assessment

Please be aware this program is usually covered by insurance, however, you may be responsible for a copay. If your insurance requires a referral, you will need to obtain one from your doctor.

To determine if this program is appropriate for you please answer a few brief questions.

Please complete the assessment below to determine if this program is appropriate for you. If you are eligible, a referral specialist will contact you within two business days to gather more detailed information.

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Risk Assessment

Family History

To be eligible via second-degree relatives, must have three or more plus one first-degree relative -OR- a BRCA2 mutation and two or more
If 2 or more, ELIGIBLE -OR- one relative and a BRCA2 mutation in the family
Of yourthe patient's's family members that have been diagnosed, are they both/all on the same side of yourthe patient's's family? *
Are any of yourthe patient's's family members that have been diagnosed first degree relatives to each other? * For example, a mother and a maternal grandmother that have both been diagnosed, or a father and paternal grandfather.

Genetic Mutations

Do youDoes the patient have a diagnosis of Peutz-Jeghers syndrome? * This is associated with mutations in the STK11 gene.
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